“EGSIS” offers new, comfortable double seat kayaks with double bottom and separate spacious storage compartment, we have bath on wheel too.


Length 4,95 m
Width 0,85 m
Weight 36 kgs


Length 5,30 m
Width 0,73 m
Weight 34 kgs


Mobile bathhouse
5 – 7 people

Inventory renting price per day:

  • Kayak including vest – 25-40 Lt (per unit).
  • Tents (single, two and triple-person-tents) – 5-10 Lt (per unit).
  • Sleeping-bag – 5 Lt (per person).
  • Trasportation service – 1,0-1,5 Lt/km.
  • Mobile bathhouse – 120-200 Lt (per 2 ours)***


Transporting and renting over two or more kayaks we offer discounts. On request we provide transportation from and to Vilnius and Kaunas, and other places in Lithuania.
*** – The price of bathhouse depends on the distance betwen your accomodation and Švenčionėliai space.