Kayaking is a striking entertainment allowing enjoying the delights nature has to offer.
“EGSIS” invites you to leave behind a bustling city life, trivial headaches and set off on a trip by modern kayaks in outstanding lakes and streams of Aukštaitija.

The longest summer days, crystal clear and clean water in lakes and streams, comfortable kayaks will help you to spend a relaxing weekend break or holiday, discover tranquility, and recover strength, evoke mind’s eye and new ideas.

“EGSIS” offers water lovers rental possibilities of kayaks, mobile bathhouse, different size tents and tourist inventory for comfortable rest (sleeping bags, inflatable beds, etc.) and everything needed for having a nice time in unspoilt nature.

Švencioneliai can be reached by train or bus; tourists will be met in the station. Kayakers will be taken to the preferred itinerary start and afterwards to the point where the vehicles were left or to the station.

We look forward to welcoming business or friends companies, youth groups, families and everybody who feels partial to water entertainment while kayaking.